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DNA clears two men of 1996 rape in Norfolk, petition claims

... performed by Forensic Analytical Sciences, and later the hair was tested by Mitotyping Technologies. Because two different DNA technologies were ...

Health Network Laboratories Acquires Two Forensic DNA Laboratories
LEHIGH VALLEY, Pa. – Health Network Laboratories (HNL) has acquired two forensic DNA laboratories, Fairfax Identity Laboratories and Mitotyping Technologies. Based in State College, Pa., these recently merged forensic laboratories provide comprehensive DNA testing services in human identification, paternity, criminal investigation, tissue identification, immigration, estate settlements, adoption and species lineage. These laboratories also provide expert witness testimony in high profile forensic cases and have a reputation of working on the most challenging cases using advanced technical and scientific expertise. read more
Yeti project completed: It wasn't human forensics but it was fun! Read about it here along with the accompanying commentary from Proceedings of the Royal Society B. Thanks to Dr. Bryan Sykes for asking us to participate.
Please see our new peer reviewed article on Next Gen Sequencing in Forensic Science Review here
We've published a peer reviewed paper on mtDNA analysis of very old, very small hairs here in Investigative Genetics
We fetch proven forensic DNA results. Dog hairs in your Forensic case? Introducing FidoTypingTM canine mitochondrial DNA analysis backed with our FidoSearchTM database providing statistically viable evidence.

Mitotyping specializes in crime scene hairs, missing persons, genealogical investigation, adoption maternity, historical cases, cold cases, ancient DNA, and post-conviction evaluation. Each sample is individually analyzed.

In 1989 Drew Whitely was convicted of the murder of a McDonald's night manager in Duquesne, Pennsylvania. In 2006, Drew Whitely was exonerated after post-conviction DNA analysis from Mitotyping Technologies helped prove his innocence.

We Have the Experience

Mitotyping has been Accredited for human identity testing by ASCLD/LAB since 2001 and permitted in forensic identity by New York State.


The Clear Choice for Forensic  Mitochondrial DNA  Analysis and  Nuclear DNA Analysis 

Please allow us to provide our customary superior service, rapid TAT and outstanding quality to all your criminal and missing person cases including hairs, sexual assault material, skeletal material, and stains of all types.
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Mitochondrial DNA Analysis Is Our Specialty

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Mitotyping Technologies is primarily devoted to the forensic applications of mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) analysis. We are one of the oldest and most experienced companies providing forensic mitochondrial DNA testing featuring 72-hour turnaround time for DNA identification of human remains. We have worked on criminal, civil, and federal cases in 49 states and numerous foreign countries and have testified over 200 times in mitochondrial DNA cases. We are proud to serve both prosecution and defense teams, law enforcement agencies, and private individuals. Forensic Science Reviews has published our summer 2012 article titled "Forensic Mitochondrial DNA Analysis: Current Practice and Future Potential," by Terry Melton,  and Mitchell Holland.  For read-only access to this article, click here
The mitochondrial DNA analysis of shed hairs and hair fragments is our specialty .We have a 95.5% success rate in developing profiles from hairs of all ages and sizes and are the only forensic laboratory that uses an "ancient DNA" approach for challenged samples. Each sample is analyzed individually to account for its specific analytical needs.  Click here for our recently published, peer-reviewed article in Investigative Genetics:

Typical mitochondrial DNA cases:

  • Hair in the hand of a homicide victim
  • Shed pubic hairs in sexual assault
  • Hair in discarded crime scene masks or clothing
  • Skeletal remains in missing persons cases
Please contact us to determine if mitochondrial DNA analysis can be helpful to your case. Our fee schedule is available on request and our prices are very competitive.
International Clients

We provide mtDNA and STR analysis for international clients and welcome contacts with all agencies outside the United States. We are excited about helping you introduce these superb technologies to your repertoire of criminal justice laboratory methods.

Our clients include the Australian Federal Police, Ontario Provincial Police, the UK's LGC Forensics, Royal Bahamas Police, Israel National Police, and New Zealand's Institute of Environmental Science and Research.

If mtDNA analysis is not available in your jurisdiction, please contact us.

Our fees are the same for international clients as for domestic clients.

Accredited for human identity testing by ASCLD/LAB since 2001 and permitted in forensic identity by New York State.



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