Mitotyping Technologies - The clear choice for forensic mitochondrial DNA and STR analysis.

Accredited for human identity testing by ASCLD/LAB since 2001 and permitted in forensic identity by New York State.

We are also permitted in the area of forensic identity by the New York State Department of Health.

We recover mtDNA from over 95.5% of hairs.

Please see our January 2005 publication in Journal of Forensic Sciences about our five years of casework experience with hair analysis. Our protocols for working with degraded DNA give us a superior recovery rate for mtDNA in challenged samples.

Our Team Of Specialists
Forensic Examiner Gloria Dimick, MS, has over 16 years of mitochondrial casework experience at Mitotyping Technologies.  She specializes in handling exceptionally challenging evidence samples.  Gloria has successfully yielded mtDNA profiles from extremely minimal and degraded samples including 2 mm hairs and bones of historical importance. While her primary focus is mitochondrial analysis, she has STR casework experience as well.  Prior to working at Mitotyping, Gloria worked at Penn State University for 10 years in various research positions including clinical chemistry, virology and the core DNA sequencing facility.  Gloria has coauthored articles in peer reviewed journals, presented at MAAFS and is a member of Gamma Sigma Delta Honors Society.  For a copy of her CV, click here.
Relationship Testing Manager and Forensic Technician Michele Yon, BS, has been employed by Mitotyping Technologies for nine years, and has extensive experience in mitochondrial DNA testing as well as autosomal STR testing and analysis.  Michele participated in the validation of Quantifiler, Identifiler and PowerPlex 16 HS.  She has testified three times in forensic cases (one time on mtDNA and two times on STRs).  With the transition of Fairfax Identity Laboratories operations to the State College, PA facility, Michele has switched her focus to management of relationship testing.  She continues to participate in the forensic proficiency testing program and performs forensic casework as needed. For a copy of her CV, click here.
Forensic Analyst Sarah Copeland, MS, joined Mitotyping Technologies in March 2015. She is responsible for general laboratory maintenance, extraction and amplification of DNA from evidence, mtDNA analysis, and accessioning of casework.  Sarah is currently finishing her Master of Science in Forensic Science at the University of California Davis where she performed research on the analysis of degraded mtDNA from bones using Next Generation Sequencing.  She is a member of the American Academy of Forensic Sciences.  For a copy of her CV, click here.


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Mitotyping Technologies - The clear choice for forensic mitochondrial DNA and STR analysis.