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A Mitotyping case, U.S. v. Beverly , was recently reviewed by the Sixth Circuit, and the science of mitochondrial DNA testing was upheld. This is one of the first federal appellate decisions concerning mitochondrial DNA.

Mitotyping Technologies was recently filmed for episodes of Cold Case Files, Forensic Files, and Mystery Hunters. Mystery Hunters is a Canadian childrens' program; this episode covered the mystery of Anna Anderson, claimant to the Romanov family name.

Testing Capabilities
Mitochondrial DNA Analysis
Mitotyping Technologies has been performing mtDNA analysis since February 1999.  We have analyzed skeletal remains up to 1000 years old (from an archaeological dig site) and hairs as small as 0.5 mm.  Hair samples do not need a root for testing, and virtually any skeletal sample is satisfactory for analysis. 
Our standard examination consists of DNA extraction followed by PCR amplification and double-strand sequencing of Hypervariable Regions 1 and 2.  For samples with degraded DNA, a condition that is revealed after a single round of standard PCR reveals no DNA, we routinely offer "ancient DNA" analysis that consists of PCR amplification of smaller fragments down to 80 base pairs in size.  To discriminate common haplotypes, we may apply additional sequencing efforts to Variable Regions 1 and 2.
For hairs that do not amplify using standard or ancient DNA methods, we routinely perform a mitochondrial DNA species identification test to try to determine which species of animal the hair came from.  For particularly probative hairs, confirmation of a non-human origin is often very helpful.
STR Analysis
Mitotyping Technologies has fully validated STR analysis, including differential extraction for sexual assault materials.  Our standard examination consists of DNA extraction, quantitation of DNA template using Quantifiler, followed by Identifiler or PowerPlex 16HS STR analysis.
Samples are triaged such that DNA from hairs with suitably large follicular tags that contain abundant mtDNA are quantified with Quantifiler to determine if an STR profile might also be obtainable from the sample.
In this way, we may provide a full range of services on hairs and skeletal remains to our clients.
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Mitotyping Technologies - The clear choice for forensic mitochondrial DNA and STR analysis.